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23 June 2002

Recent Updates:
  • This site was last updated on 30th of March 2004 - Get todays News from other sources.

  • We have made a questionnaire on ecommerce in an attempt to find out the limitations of its adoption. Please take 10 minutes to fill it in and if your interested in the results just put your contact details at the end of the questionnaire. Thanks for your help, the questionnaire is here
  • Webmasters in the UK should be aware that new laws about disability will also affect websites. The HSBC guide exaplains how companies are required to make "reasonable adjustments" and include a text only version of your website as an example for a management consultancy website. More information available at the disabilty rights commission's website or the employers forum on disabilty here. OK, a bit more corporate than our normal news, but could get you top marks with the boss :)
  • Winamp verion 3 final launced! It is newer than new aprently! A long wait but sure worth it. The advanced visualisations will keep you in owe for hours. This really is more your average MP3 player, it is more of a multimedia center (though I am pleased they didn't call it that, it sounds really cheesy!) as it now handles movies and even organises your MP3's for you. While playing your favourate tunes it will blend from one to another so you don't get that annoying pause between tracks. Get it
  • PCAdvisor have got an interesting poll on their website "At £52.99 StarOffice 6.0 represents a serious threat to Office XP (£482)" 63.5% of people say it does. Which is nice to hear as Microsoft do seem to have an effective monopoly with Office which has such a huge market, with many people confused and annoyed by the new "register" features of XP suggesting they are for marketing purposes not to prevent fraud. Their is also software called openoffice which is opensource, aka free! Which is also very feature rich. With the survery results, that also means that over a third of people think that Office has something so powerful their is no threat? I think that might be even more interesting? Or maybe they don't understand the functionality of StarOffice? Latest poll results
  • ZDnet have done an advert, sorry I mean article about Mozilla's ability to block pop-up ads. Aprently people are fed up of "intrusive ads" what I found rather funning is they had to spread that phrase over two lines due to the huge advert that is next it!! See what I mean at ZDnet made me chuckle! As for Pop-up blocking, bit silly if you ask me. I know most cleaver things like this I embrash, but the thing is it doesn't do what it promises! Yes, they get rid of ads, but the point of that is to save me time / annoyance and instead of the ads I get a big error message which also beeps at me! Or atleast I do with ZoneAlarm pro so I turned of the *default feature!!* of ad blocking.
  • Do you make Macromedia Flash movies? I tried a while ago, got a few of the basics. Did the little ballon tutorial which I thought was quite special at the time! Well, though I really like Flash it can seem a bit much with so many options the real power of it can seem way beyond the horizon. By the looks of it others have noticed this to, hense "Swish" it is basically a more user-friendly version of Flash with the core functionality, including the ability to create some very impressive movies aswell as many built-in functions. Yes, I know Flash MX now has built in functions, but check out the price of that! $500. Well Swish is only $50! Nice price, nice software. Get it!. Oh! Theres a 15 day demo :)
  • Quick note: I recently noticed a low cost domain registraion service which does not allow you to change the DNS information! I assumed this was a one off, but I have recently seen a company offering the same service to resellers who are aprently the "fastest growing registra", kinda worring. Please be warned, when buying a domain make sure they allow you to change DNS information in the price you pay. Or more acuratly, work out the total cost of a domain and not just the registration fee. I guess I have to say we do offer domain registraion for $20, its not perfect and you can probably find cheaper, but unlike most alternatives we offer customer support and ofcourse you would be helping to support our site. domain registraion
  • A bit of bad news I'm affriad. AOL have decided to discontine WebsiteGarage, Gif Lube and Register-It. These where a collection of free tools for webmasters to check your code, reduce the size of your graphics and register your site with search engines. Personally I think it is a real shame, you see when Netscape was about to be bought by AOL they bought the site, then AOL buying Netscape means they owned this comparitively tiny network. Oh BTW, AOL are considering using Netscape instead of IE in their latest browser, nothing to do with them owning the company ofcourse! Funny, the press realease seems to have neglected to mention that conflict of interests! But then, as Netscape 7 (beta) is based on Mozilla it is widely excepted that this is a superior browser, more on that another day!
  • Updated some tutorials. Some of which where 4 years old! I have converted the "learn to build a homepage" and "learn to build a commercial site" into one tutorial called Getting started. I have also updated both the HTML tutorials, HTML 1 and HTML 2. Enjoy!
  • Ok, it has been a while since the last update (say 18 months!) but hey it was worth the wait. Check out the new design!? It is not quite finished yet, but I'm sure you get the idea :)
    Only on a few pages so far, but hey, give it time :) It is strange that some of the things below have been out for so long now! They are still considered "new" by many! Anyway, this update is just the first of many. Over the comming months I intend to remake this site to way better than its former glory! To ensure you know the latest news, as it happends why not join our mailing list?

  • Netscape 6 launched! Ok, so netscape is not the most popular with developers. However, this version is very similar to Internet Explorer, if you right click it is practically the same and they even have their own version of auto-complete! Most sites know look as they are supposed to in Netscape, I mean, tables aligning properly etc. There is still a few features of IE that I common use like properties of a shortcut etc which are not there. Though, as it is not a microsoft product it is likely to be more stable. If it wasn't for the annoying program that tried to make you register every time you load it up I may well of converted. Get it from download.com or Netscape

  • Microsoft launch MSN Explorer and DirectX8

  • Psion have launched a new toy called the "WaveFinder" which picks up digital radio on your PC which you can then save as MP3. Sounds cool but at £300($434) it is quite expensive. Check it out

  • New version of MSN messenger, lets you make phone calls to any number in the US or canada! Very impressive. From MSN

  • which pays $1.25 for each signup to Zooming.to my free redirection service
  • New webmaster site launched 123-Webmaster.com using some of my tutorials

  • Updated the Games page

  • A New half life mod Runaway Train realeased it's first beta today. It gives you 5 kills every now and again for staying on the train. Nice touch! Plus loads of new weapons etc. Head over to Runaway Train or download now

  • Conter-Strike beta 6 realeased! Loads of new features for one of the most popular mods for half life. Try it!

  • Here are the results from the survey so far
    Question: How much have you spent making your website ?
    Voting Results:
    Answer: I spent nothing $0, 200 votes (67%)
    Answer: I spent up to $20, 8 votes (2%)
    Answer: I spent $20-$50, 15 votes (5%)
    Answer: I spent $50-$100, 7 votes (2%)
    Answer: I spent over $100, 65 votes (22%)

  • Interesting news from tripod
    You asked for it, and Tripod delivers! Our members have let us know that they'd prefer to have ads placed directly onto their pages, rather than in a separate pop-up window. In response, as of January 31, Tripod will begin embedding the ad served on your Web pages. This ad will be slimmer and faster -- and soon it will even blend with your page's background!

  • Added HTMLcenter to the bottom of this page, friends and webmaster resources page

  • Tested out the new I-P.com service to make this free web-based email which provides @mpk.i-p.com email address'

  • Improved the main page C&C Tiberian Sun and added two more! All the missions are now up.

  • Happy new year!

  • Did some CGI; improved the survey script so that it has a header and footer and Instaled another GGI.

  • Added 2 more interfaces to the Search Engines page

  • We are now on my server, there will be a few little problems in the comming days but there are many new features to look forward to

    • Sub-domain names for each site

    • Way faster access

  • Updated the Link Swap page with a banner I made aguess ago, but is still nice and the button I made the other day

Please vist our news archive for older news.

Coming some time soon, in priority order
  • Intergrating the new design accross the site! A completly new layout really. MPK as you know it will not be the same, as it is going to be split into different site. But you will still be able to get to the area you want as they will all link to each other and the page you see at MPK-online.com will ask you which site you want to go to. Just wait and see :)
  • Make more dynamic parts of the site. E.g. Put polls back on. Have feedback forms etc
  • Update of all tutorials. "clensing" of all semi-usefull content. Only want the best stuff :)
  • Onces updated the site, want to create a comprehensive source for information for webmasters. Linking to content where-ever we don't provide it ourselves. But only linking to the top sites
  • My Freeware Favourates, which will have to include achronophilia, and i_view
  • An add your resourcee page, untill then if you want to have your link on the friends page and possible another use the form on the Link Swap page
  • Update the "which free?" listings
  • HTML tags Page, with just the basic tags as the lists available at the moment are so many pages long it can be intimidating
  • A basic frames tutorial includeing the Iframe command

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